Servomatter is a small, privately owned training consultancy based in Houston, Texas.  

The first Servomatter course was created in 2007 as a short lecture on digital control theory for electronic design engineers.  As it's popularity grew, the material was expanded and further courses developed.  Now in their twelfth year, the courses evolved into a series of popular and respected 1-day seminars.  To date, a total of 138 seminars have been taught across 16 countries to an audience of well over 2,750.  

Seminars are often combined to form a 2-day or 3-day course.  For further information about current and forthcoming courses, on-site training, or about control theory, you are welcome to contact us using the form below.


Richard Poley

Richard is currently the only regular instructor at Servomatter.  He began his career as an design engineer working on servo-hydraulic control systems and has over 30 years experience in control systems design.  He has worked at Deltalab-Nene, British Telecom, and is currently a Systems Engineer at Texas Instruments in Houston where he develops control software for the C2000 micro-controller.  He holds several patents and is author of the book Control Theory Fundamentals


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All customer information is treated as strictly private and confidential.  In particular, Servomatter will never issue, sell, or license customer information to any third party.  

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