Control Systems Design Seminar

An advanced one day seminar covering the design of linear time invariant control systems  The course expands upon materials covered in the Control Theory Fundamentals seminar, comprising a deeper coverage of dynamical systems modelling and feedback control.  Note that discrete time systems are not covered.  The seminar would especially suit experienced analogue design engineers.

  • Dynamical systems
  • The root locus method
  • Frequency response
  • Feedback systems
  • Nyquist geometry
  • Loop shaping
  • Sensitivity & tracking
  • Design for robustness

The Control Systems Design seminar is ideally suited to experienced analog design engineers wishing to brush up their skills or to investigate new concepts.  Like other servomatter courses, the material is delivered in an informal and interactive lecture style setting, with much use made of white-board and Matlab based tutorials.  Attendees receive a printed copy of the seminar manual which serves as a useful post-seminar resource and is ideal for note-taking during the course.  There are no formal pre-requisites, however attendees should possess an understanding of basic engineering mathematics.

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